Scripts 2.10.2 and Compile 1.13.3 released

More releases, all bugfixes this time.

Scripts has a fix for the man directory path in PrepareProgram (actually used by Compile), and handles dependency conversion better. It also includes updates to the database used by the CommandNotFound system as usual.

The only notable behaviour change is a special case in the useflag code: having -INSTALLED in the environment variable will now disable automatic flags from occurring at all, rather than applying the change at the end of the process. This helps debugging of recipes and is useful for targeted compilation, and the previous more consistent behaviour doesn’t seem to have a use case.

Compile has a single direct bugfix, affecting a case where a failed direct dependency would not cause the build process to terminate. It also benefits from the changes made within Scripts.

The packages are on the master now and will propagate to the mirrors shortly. You can use `InstallPackage Scripts 2.10.2` and `InstallPackage Compile 1.13.3` to install them. Please report any bugs you encounter in the bug tracker and request help either on the mailing lists or the forums.

Thanks to all those who contributed to this release, particularly “Baffo32” who sent patches to Scripts.

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2 Responses to “Scripts 2.10.2 and Compile 1.13.3 released”

  1. ford says:

    Any news regarding the release of a 015 iso? So far, there have been many updates to packages, especially critical ones such as Scripts and Compile. The old isos do not support hardware in use by many people, and the pre015 isos have a few issues… I would be happy with a fix to the grub installer or the availability of LILO + btrfs during the installation process. Maybe I am asking to much…

  2. Michael says:

    There may be a new snapshot that approaches being usable sometime soonish. Hisham and Jonas are working on it mostly, and Hisham has something up and running locally that I think he plans to use as the basis for a prerelease. I don’t know what’s in it or what the state of the installer is.

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