Compile 1.13.2 released; 015 branch to be merged

There’s a new version of Compile out, with all bug fixes this time. This release fixes building from CMake recipes and corrects the behaviour of the using_X() useflag functions, which was lost in the last reorganisation. using_X() can now set environment variables and override variables set in the recipe again, while CMake recipes have their build directory correctly created.

The package is out and making its way to the mirrors now; InstallPackage Compile 1.13.2 should pick it up. There is no corresponding release of Scripts this time around because all fixes are within Compile itself. The latest Scripts release remains 2.10.1.

Following this release the 015 branches for Scripts and Compile will be merged into trunk to allow them to bed in, get more testing, and pick up the new developments in the trunk. That may cause some disruption to users who are tracking trunk tools; it may be best to hold off updating your snapshots for a few days after the merge, or be prepared to revert.

There is also a new 015 prerelease available for testing, snapshotting the state of work right now. It is available from and should be functional. Testing, especially on different hardware, would be appreciated. It should boot and be able to start X correctly; where it doesn’t please make a report with as much detail as possible to the mailing list or on #gobolinux.

5 Responses to “Compile 1.13.2 released; 015 branch to be merged”

  1. vazub says:

    Good work! Looking forward to test the iso.

    BTW, the text in this post is duped, and somehow I’m quite sure it wasn’t intentional :)

  2. frontsideair says:

    So, when will be 015 out? I’m thinking buying a new PC and I’d very much like to install new Gobo on it. ^^ I hope it’ll be soon.

  3. Ford says:

    I loved the new ISO, but I am looking forward to the next one… which will hopefully have a working Grub installation process. It wasn’t hard to get Grub installed… just nice icing on the cake.

  4. solenskiner says:

    It wont boot in a kvm virtual machine.
    when the bootprocess tries “Starting language select dialog” it spews out 3 or 4 squashfs errors, and retries infinitly.

  5. gogonkt says:

    I had tested iso in Vbox, but It can’t boot,
    Vbox said need pae support :(
    how can I disable that

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