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I made my first presentation at today, in the Distro Summit miniconf. I talked about the Aliens system, and it wasn’t a disaster, which is a plus. It went reasonably well, though I missed out on a couple of points I was planning to hit since I went off-script a bit. All the important content made it in, and there were plenty of good questions afterwards (& during). The speaker immediately after me had travel problems and didn’t make it, so there was an extended discussion jumping off from my talk that I think covered a lot of useful territory. It was a good miniconf to be at.

I appreciated the copious power points around to keep the battery charged, and the wireless network I managed to get working today (except in the Civic Suite where the miniconf was, annoyingly [edit: and they’ve fixed it! Amazing.]). Kudos to the organisers. The tech people from the conference were also fantastic helping me get the projection up and running, even though it was completely my fault it wasn’t working. He was, in fact, a genius full of information, like he said, so people got to see my fairly information-free slides. Thankfully I’d turned up early to make sure it was going to work.

Those slides are available now, as is a written-up version of it that has more content than I was able to fit into the talk. I had to go through it with a hatchet last night and today to make it fit in the twenty-minute slot and some good parts had to go. Honesty dictated that I couldn’t leave out any of the limitations and drawbacks so it was mostly the rest that got the chop. The main talk is on Friday, and there were a few points that came out of the discussion today that I’ll work into it as well. It turns out everything is being webcast live, which I didn’t find out until after I spoke today, but you can watch Friday’s if you like (Renouf 1 feed, 1545L/0245Z). There’ll be recordings up too, apparently later in the week, which’d be an impressive feat, but at some point over the next few weeks or months anyway.

Now I have to try to plan out what I’m going to go to tomorrow. It’s not going to be easy.

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  1. Eric says:

    Nice! It’s great that you are able to present these ideas, especially the Aliens idea, I think it is the best vision for the future of desktop linux that I know of (2nd best is GoboHide offcourse :P). All the best with the talk tomorrow.

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