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Scripts 2.10.0 and Compile 1.13.0 released

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Another release, and a minor version bump for both tools. The major update in these releases is the inclusion of the /System/Aliens feature in both. There has also been a change in the default mirror configuration that you will need to update your GetAvailable.conf for.

The /System/Aliens system incorporates third-party packaging systems into the system, allowing both recipes and packages to depend on components from these alien systems (RubyGems, CPAN, and LuaRocks at this point). Using these features will require building the newest versions of Ruby, Perl, and LuaRocks — if you aren’t using them, you don’t need to do that, and they should be installed automatically when required. Dependencies of the form “LuaRocks:json” are handed off to the alien system to install.

With the final release, these dependencies are now available for use in recipes in the store. Remember to specify compile_version=1.13.0 in any recipe using them. Contributions of new wrappers for other systems are also welcome.

Another important change here is in the default mirror configuration: has disappeared, and a new mirror has been added to replace it. If you are using you don’t need to make any change, but otherwise you should swap in the new mirror in /System/Settings/Scripts/GetAvailable.conf.

UpdateSettings will prompt you about this change when you install the Scripts package. While the package mirror is now the master it is not included in the configuration by default. The recipe store remains on and there is no need to change your settings.

Other than those two important notes, there are also the usual bugfixes and minor feature improvements. There is support for more archive types in Compile (xz and cpio), a bugfix for Cabal recipes, and a few variables should now be correctly set in some more corner cases.

Many of the changes relate to improving functioning with the /System/Index structure that will be in 015, but most work on that is occurring in the “015” SVN branch. There will be another tools release in the new year (probably another minor version bump) that will incorporate all of those changes and be used in 015. There may also be a 2.10.1/1.13.1 point update early next month to address any issues found in these releases, but not merging the 015 branch.

You will be able to install using `InstallPackage Scripts 2.10.0` when the mirrors sync (assuming you’re not using, but until then you can use:




to update. Be sure to merge the changes in GetAvailable.conf when installing Scripts. Please report any bugs you encounter on the bug tracker and ask for help on the lists or the forum.

Thanks to everybody who contributed code, bug reports, and feedback during this release cycle.

New GPG key

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Since my key was getting old I have generated a new key that is stronger than the old one I was using, and has different cipher preferences. It’s also for use at the keysigning at LCA next month. There’s a transition notice signed by both the old and new keys here:

The key ID is FEC39745 and is on and probably others.