s3w 0.5.0

There we go, a real release. s3w is a client to access and synchronise with Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). It supports both direct access to S3 operations (GET, PUT, LIST, COPY, …) and higher-level functionality like bucket-to-bucket copy and pushing local directory structures into buckets.

This is a fairly early version, but it’s relatively featureful already. As well as the bucket-to-bucket copying I wanted initially, it has a full set of manipulation commands and support for pushing a local directory into a bucket along with suitable metadata to allow recreating it locally with the pull command (so it can be used for backups, as well as for pushing out a website tree). Running just s3w with no arguments will give a list of commands and a brief summary, while comprehensive documentation for each is available with s3w <commandname> –help.

s3w 0.5.0 is now out. s3w depends on Python 2.6 and Boto. There are build and quickstart instructions in the readme.

Development takes place in a Bazaar branch, currently hosted on Launchpad (not necessarily going to stay there). You can access it using bzr branch lp:s3w. Patches welcome! There are some usage examples on the homepage, as well as in the internal documentation. Development is continuing with some new features I have in mind, so there should be another release sometime soon too.

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